I ain't nothin' but a stickman
A two dimensional guy
Starin' off a piece of paper
Into a little girl's eye

I'm an ordinary stickman
Since the little girl scribbled me down
I don't think that she forgot me
But sometimes I'm tossed around

I used to say if you can't embrace me
Then why don't you just erase me
But I'd rather be a stickman
Than no man at all

I'm kinda lonely as a stickman
I'm locked up here all night
Between the pages of a text book
Sometimes I don't see no light

I'm kinda happy as a stickman
Probably feel better than I should
At least I've stayed out of the trash can
And I think that's pretty good


I'm pretty lonely as a stickman
I don't even have a name
Scribbled down during a day dream
But I was scribbled down just the same

I'm kinda lonely as a stickman
But every once in a while
I get a glimpse of that little girl
And my crooked mouth makes a smile

Copyright 1996 by JohnCusatis
The Band:
John Cusatis: Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
Hawke Morffi: Mandolin
Rob Posey: Harmonica
Graham Finch: Congas
Fred Bombelyn: Maracas

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