May 21, 1997

Dear John,

On behalf of the Polaroid Customer Care Center, I want to thank you for your wonderful performance at our recent National Meeting on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We are all very pleased that you were able to arrange an appearance here. At our closing session on Sunday, everyone kept talking about how much fun they had had on Saturday evening.

It seems you were even more popular than the lobster dinner and the beautiful rooms overlooking Massachusetts Bay. Your audience-interactive show created an atmosphere that allowed our Atlanta and Bedford folks to mingle and enjoy each other's company during a weekend of lectures and meetings. It was just the kind of spirit we had hoped to produce.

After seeing you perform for our smaller group in Wild Dunes, South Carolina, I was convinced you were very special, and I was determined to talk you into coming to the Cape. And upon seeing you lure 200 people to their feet to sing, dance or "join the band," we are delighted and grateful you did make the trip.

Thank you also for accommodating our zealous participants who did not want you to stop performing (you agreed to play for an extra hour and moved the show inside after it got dark). In addition, several people mentioned how they appreciated your being there after your performance to mingle with the crowd.

Again, many thanks. You really did contribute to our achieving one of our meeting goals: to have fun and provide a motivational climate. We look forward to working with you on making future events at Polaroid the success our Cape Cod National Meeting was.

Judith C. Hamm
Training Manager

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