I'm livin' life like a pinball, rollin' around real free
I been flung up,slung up, sometimes I get hung up
In all the machinery
I'm singin' my song, ring-ding-dong
I hit a target that I didn't even see
Rollin' around this pinball town, fightin' off gravity

Gettin old to be livin' like this; I feel a litle bit weak
Video games and cd rom are tryin' to knock me off my feet
One wack of the flipper, I feel a little hipper
A dose of that old energy
I've been fightin' the clock like Sisyphus's rock
For what seems like eternity

Livin' life like a pinball rollin' round aimlessly
No matter how I try I just can't deny
Someone's got a plan for me
When the game's finally over, I'll clutch my four-leaf clover When I'm slidin' down the hatch
If I don't score enough points to win the extra game
I hope at least the Lord will help me match

Copyright 1997 by JohnCusatis
The Band:
John Cusatis: Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Hawke Morffi: Mandolin, Fiddle
Rob Posey: Electric Lead Guitar, Harmonica
Debbie Pasek: Bass
Tommy Nolan: Drums

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