No Mistake
When I thought that life had closed a door
My chances for romances were no more
My unclear thinking was over clearly
"I love you" is just a slogan merely
But now my dear I love you dearly, I'm sure

I'd realized that love was just a myth
A chance to shackle someone to be with
I'd decided love was man's invention
Kept alive by mere convention
But I'm not content with that contentiion any more

Bridge: I guess I was to hesitant
But first love knows no precedent
So what did I know
All around there's people fakin'
Feelings that they have mistaken
That's one mistake I won't be makin' anymore

You resurrected what surely had been dead
Or maybe only tired or underfed
You called me out of deepened slumber
I don't know how you got my number
You must have dug inside my cold encumbered head


Copyright 1997 by JohnCusatis
The Band:
John Cusatis: Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Houts: Lead Acoustic Guitar
Hawke Morffi: Mandolin

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