Clare Richter
Charleston, SC

10 December 2008

Dear John,

Thank you again for entertaining us at the Blessed Sacrament Women's Guild Christmas Party 2008 as you have for the past few years. You have a very remarkable talent for getting a very dignified audience into the action. Your unique approach combines irrepressible singing, guitar and harmonica with volunteers from the crowd going wild on your washboards, eggs, tambourines, castanets, bongo drums and cow bell. The participants showed remarkable enthusiasm and talent. Even Sister Jean Marie and Sister Marilyn came to the microphone to sing "The First Noel."

Thank you also for bringing with you the array of amplifiers, speakers and microphones to make such joyful music.

John, we want you back, next year and every year.

Clare Richter
Blessed Sacrament Women's Guild

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