Daren and Cinamon
Mt. Pleasant, SC

13 November 2008


Hey, buddy, just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time Saturday night. Cinamon and I couldn't have scripted it any better. Not that I had any doubts, but you really got the crowd going from the beginning. I can't believe you played "Romeo and Juliet," which is Cinamon's favorite Rock & Roll love song and, in my opinion, the greatest R&R love song of all time. The fact that I got to sing it in front of her, on our wedding day in front of my family and friends is unbelievable.

Without sounding corny, it was a dream come true. Cinamon listened to the song Sunday morning and told me now every time she listens to "R&J," she'll always remember that night....I won her back from the hypnotic baritone of Mark Knopfler's voice... I'm still trying to comprehend that one. John, up to this point (42 years),that was the best night of my life. The only way to top that would be singing with Mark K. himself.

I talked to a lot of people and they all had great things to say about you, a lot of sore hands from the bongos, but they all had a blast. I know you felt rushed at the beginning and I hope you got plenty of BBQ and cocktails before or during the night. As I said before, your being there made our wedding everything we hoped it would be. You were great, and thanks for staying as long as you did. Oh yeah.... Gavin said anytime you need a washboard player, he's available. I didn't see a testimonial page on you web site but if there is one please use this so people can understand just how much fun you bring to a party. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks Again

Daren & Cinamon

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