Ryan Henderson
James Island, South Carolina
Dear John Cusatis,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all of the wonderful times you have given us throughout this past year. First, you helped make my wife and I have the most memorable wedding  reception ever. Still today people are talking about how much fun they had. If  I see someone who was there and ask "How did you like the  party?" they will quickly respond  "Great, I love playing the washboards with John! When's the next party!"  You truly made a lasting  impression with everyone. And we have lots of pictures to prove it.  (Just in case some of us can't  remember.)

Then there was our birthday and Fourth of July party, which once again you came through and made the day go by a lot easier. It's always a big help to have a party and plan to have you as the entertainment because you never have to worry if everyone is having a good time or not. It's just always understood!

Finally, this year you made a lasting impression on everyone at the Dungannon Annual Christmas Party. This year was our 20th annual
Christmas party and it looks as if we have just found a new tradition. "Jumping John Cusatis" is a crowd favorite.

John, thank you for always going the extra mile to make the crowd happy. You truly have a gift and I'm glad I'm able to enjoy the many parties that you perform at. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you,

Ryan Henderson

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