Contemplative Man
Well, I used to be a contemplative man
I read all of Aristotle and could quote the Koran
Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Ontology, too
I'd sort out what was beautiful from what was true
But these days when I get to thinkin' I don't turn to the Greeks
I just slam back some bourbon and I fill up my cheeks

Well, I used to read Kafka and Ayn Rand, too
Martin Heidegger and Albert Camus
But I'd much rather snuggle up with a bottle of brew
Than with Madame Bovary or Catch 22
It's no longer my duty to find out what's true
I used to like to think but now I like to do

Yeah, come over baby, poor me a drink
You can make me dinner, baby, but don't make me think
Let's not bother with no contemplation
When we can crack open a bottle of instant gratification

I read Thus Spoke Zarathustra and I lost my hair
I cried through Lolita, but now I don't care
The last movie I saw involved a killer tomato
I prefer Jose Cuervo to Carlos Casteneda
I got no more time for Hamlet; he was too much of a thinker
But I still dig Ernest cause at least he was a drinker

I read all of Whitman; I read Walden three times
But if you gimme a poem now, make sure it rhymes
I made my life simple so it don't include
Dostoevski or that Tolstoy dude
Well, I ain't got time for Kant's imperative
I gotta close the book baby--cause I gotta live


Copyright 1996 by John Cusatis
The Band:
John Cusatis: Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Hawke Morffi: Slide Mandolin
Rob Posey: Lead Electric Guitar
Debbie Pasek: Bass
Tommy Nolan: Drums

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