Reggae Bubba
Down in Jamaica things weren't so fine
So I moved on up to de Caroline

Dey call me Bubba (People-a call me Bubba)

Down in Jamaica I'd smoke one or two
But now I got to learn to spit and chew

Down in Jamaica I ran out luck
But now I'm jammin' to Bob Marley in my pick-up truck

Down in Jamaica my dread locks was phat
But now i tuck my hair under a baseball hat.

Down in Jamaica rice was my dish
But now I sit by de river and catch de catfish

I used to drink my rum from de bottle man
But now I drink de Budweiser from de metal can.

Down in Jamaica de sand felt so sweet
But I'm wearing cowboy boots on my feet

Peter Tosh was my number one
I just can't get used to no Brooks and Dunn

I shot a man in Trenchtown
Jus to watch him die.

Copyright 1996 by JohnCusatis
The Band:
John Cusatis: Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
Hawke Morffi: Fiddle, African Drum
Rob Posey: Lead Electric Guitar, Harmonica
Debbie Pasek: Bass
Tommy Nolan: Drums
Graham Finch: Congas, Maracas
Fred Bombelyn: Washboard
The Bubbettes: Bry Anne Jones, Pritchenella Frazier, & Shantel Keigley

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