April Days
Well the February weather
Can make a heart as hard as leather
Old Man Winter sure can be unkind
To everything there is a season
A time for warmth, a time for freezin'
And if winter's here, can spring be far behind?

January makes me blue
February, I just never could get along with you
March is stormy, but creepin' through the haze
I feel the warmth of April Days

April Days, April Days
I know that you are comin'
because winters just a phase
Soon the flowers will be bloomin',
And the sky will be ablaze
With the sunshine of April Days

Sometimes troubles look to big
A blossoming branch in winter
Ain't nothin' but a twig
But in the green grass
Spring's first robin plays
Can sorrow really live with April days?


So watch the sleepin' world revive
It's a great time for a boy and girl to be alive
Nothin makes it clearer
that summer's comin' soon
Than a sunny Sunday April afternoon


Copyright 1997 by John Cusatis
The Band:
John Cusatis: Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Houts: Acoustic Lead Guitar
Hawke Morffi: Mandolin
Rob Posey: Harmonica
Debbie Pasek: Bass
Tommy Nolan: Drums
Chenell Freeman: Lead Vocal on introduction
The Gospel Choir: Eileen Freeman, Alicia Lyles. Cherrone Jenkins, Alaina Green,
Chennel Freeman

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